Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Exponential Trend Failure of the Day (Musical Tribute)

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So here's to the golden moon
Here's to the silver sea

Nov 6, 2007
Yahoo Message Board: Higher Lows & Higher Highs

I've concluded that the momentum behind the price movements of gold, silver, and SSRI is simply too strong to offer me another buying opportunity. At least I've got enough sense to continue to hold onto the shares that I now own. This current gold/silver bull market should provide each of us with a very profitable experience. It's a shame that more of my friends aren't participating in this once in a lifetime wealth accumulation opportunity. - seasonedspeculating


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Yahoo: SSRI Historical Prices


Stagflationary Mark said...

In other news, my dog is in rough shape. She's got a cone on her head and there's more to come.

She underwent surgery to have some minor growths removed. She's got a moderate heart murmur and one of the growth's was not nearly as minor as was expected. It needs additional treatment.

Can you say dog cardiologist *and* dog oncologist? Sigh.

The good news is that it is all apparently treatable and her prognosis is excellent. The bad news is that I'm setting a new personal record for annual pet care costs. Don't even ask.

Mr Slippery said...


Really sad about Honey. Hope she pulls through.

Stagflationary Mark said...

Mr Slippery,

I don't think she's near death's door but there's no way to know for sure. She's definitely not a happy camper right now. I would be too though if I had to wear a cone on my head and was also denied access to the stairs, the bed, and the couch.

We're not supposed to let her climb stairs or jump until she's healed. The latter can be easier said than done. She attempted (and failed) to jump the barriers to the couch. It was not a pretty sight.

Troy said...

Get well doggie!

This cracked me up from my neck of the woods:

"The California Health Benefit Exchange (Covered California) anticipates hiring 400-600 Program Technicians (2 and 3 levels) currently within the Sacramento and Fresno regions. The majority of positions will be filled with Part-Time, Intermittent and/or Temporary employees."

img src="facepalm.jpg"

Troy said...

Picking over WTH to do *this* summer, Sony's desperation announcement of making its portable developer program free-to-ship piqued my interest.

The SDK is based on Mono -- meaning C# -- and is highly cross-compatible via MonoGame to all other platforms.

Also, Unity3D announced that their product will be able to target the PS4.

Plot's getting interesting. . .

Looking over SystemSoft's current catalog, they're really dropping the ball man.

But art-wise, they've got the "Japan Cool" thing down pretty good.

Here's a gallery of their latest offering. No complaints about the art direction or execution from me, LOL

Did you know that Japan actually has a Minister of Coolness?

Y2012 Cool Japan Strategy Promotion Program

Now that's cool. Back in 1989 a close friend asked me why I was so into Japanese stuff. I stumbled around the thing about their sensibilities of machines but the "Gross National Cool" essay explained it a lot better.

Funny how there's been damn near ZERO "cool" output from China yet. Japan just sent a massive techno-cultural tidal wave of stuff -- both hardware like Sony, Honda, Toyota etc etc -- and the arty stuff like Speed Racer and Macross. That output was so immense that people kinda fail to even notice it given we've been totally immersed in it for decades.

But China, with 10X the human capital, hasn't really done jack yet, other than be our willing production slaves, enabling Apple et al to mfg so many millions of new devices.

I guess what 2001's iPod really was was the harbinger of the new mass-market device economy. We design it, Shenzhen will make it, how many units we want.

Stagflationary Mark said...


I don't know what to think about Sony these days. I was once a fanboy but their quality has been falling.

In the mid 1990s my Sony laptop died just out of warranty. I thought it just bad luck.

Our big screen Sony TV has a few vertical lines. They act like dead pixels. They go away after the TV has warmed up but it is taking longer and longer. At some point in the near future, I think we'll be stuck with the lines permanently. Granted, the TV is getting a bit old and they don't last forever.

The PS3 hasn't met my expectations all that well either. It too died just out of warranty (as did the PS3 of a friend). I bought another though (so far so good on the replacement).

They shipped it with a browser that crashes constantly. Every time it crashes it removes just a bit more fanboy from me. I'm also picturing why they haven't bothered to fix it. Sony's PS3 browser market share is very, very low. I would argue that at least one reason it is so low is because it is so buggy. Fortunately for me, I'm generally able to view my own blog without incident (and post comments).

Don't even get me started on how much damage Bethesda has done to Sony's brand.

Bethesda Tells PS3 Owners Dishonored Is Not Buggy

Time and time again, Bethesda’s proven that it either hates PS3 owners, or Sony. How else would you explain Dawnguard DLC not being released on PS3 because of “technical reasons”? How then would be explain all the Fallout games being the worst on PS3? And how then would you justify The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim still being an unplayable experience to many PS3 owners, including Games Thirst user Benzo?

I am seriously considering not buying the PS4 when it comes out.

I seriously doubt that I ever buy another Bethesda game. It's been many years. I can't stand buggy games. They have mastered that art in a major way, lol. Sigh.

Troy said...

800 monthly sales for the #2 game of March.

$400 gross.

I could live on that, but only as a transition to the PS4's ecosystem.

MS is announcing the next xbox this month apparently.

Sony's done a decent job on the PS Mobile SDK -- going with Mono and putting together a reasonable API for 3d parties. I guess they're working on a similar ecosystem for PS4.

Not a big game player -- I have the conceit that only the game I've had in my head for the past 20-odd years is worth the time playing, sigh.

Think what I'll do this summer is target the Mac with Mono, so as to keep the bulk of code and content cross-compatible with the Vita approach and also Unity3D engines.

I could author in Unity3D itself but it's overkill for 2D.

Mono/C# look to be good . . . I was looking at HTML5/TypeScript direction, but that doesn't have a good route to consoles.

Mebbe Microsoft will get behind C# again, LOL. Silly they killed their own work on it, gah.