Sunday, February 3, 2013

The "Free Lunch" Weight Loss Plan v.020

I continue to climb at least 20 flights of extra stairs each day.

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I thought I had a handle on winter's seasonal effects this year but the death of our pet cat on the 21st altered my mood to the downside. I tend to eat more when I'm feeling down. I think the turning point is fairly visible in the chart. It's not all bad. Tigger nearly made it to the age of 18. He also went fairly peacefully.

I'm not starting February off all that well. My weight is already back to 206. I walked 7 miles yesterday and also climbed 300 flights of stairs as a rare conscious attempt to compensate. I'm not sure it helped all that much though. My appetite picked up as well.

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This too shall pass. The long-term trend in blue is all that really matters to me. I have no reason to believe that it isn't sustainable. As of today, I'm right on trend (not seen in the chart). Those expecting me to get into the blue zone well ahead of schedule (perhaps myself included) might take comfort in the wisdom of the Man in Black.

Get used to disappointment.

In other news, I will be posting another missing jobs report soon. I may not be fully back from my break, but I feel somewhat obligated to share that bit of sarcastic joy. Oh yeah, I'm feeling winter's effects today. There's no denying it.

And lastly, in January I made my I-Bond and EE-Bond purchases. So ends my trading for the year.

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Fatboy said...

Good job Mark! Glad to see you back.

Stagflationary Mark said...



I can't believe how much food I've managed to stuff in my mouth over the past few weeks. Fortunately, it did not stop me from exercising. I climbed another 200 flights today.

All things considered, the charts could certainly look worse. Hopefully I can contain the winter damage to 206 pounds or thereabouts. :)

As for being back, it was good that I posted today. There was a very slight re-learning curve.

Next up... missing jobs!

Troy said...

picking up some resistance here!

what is needed now is putting a couple thousand miles on my bike this spring before it gets Too Hot.

Gonna be high 60s this week, winter lasted about 3-4 days this year.

Not like it was 30 years ago here, lemme tell ya.

dearieme said...

Advice from my cardiologist on Friday:-

1) Don't drink lots of water.
2) Do not seek to do exercise.
3) Stop drinking a glass of wine with dinner five or six nights a week - drink a glass on all seven.
4) You could do with losing a bit of weight.

Stagflationary Mark said...


Resistance is fertile. ;)

Stagflationary Mark said...


Are you sure it was your cardiologist?

Sounds more like a bartender. ;)

dearieme said...

I've decided that if dinner isn't suited to a glass of wine (or beer, or cider, or whisky), I'll just have to have a glass of an aperitif or digestif instead. I've discovered a pretty good sherry - a dry Oloroso. Yum, yum.

The weight loss might prove harder.

Stagflationary Mark said...


...a glass of an aperitif or digestif...

I had to look those up. I'm such an alcohol noob. ;)