Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Sarcasm Report v.259

September 13, 2016
Lew: Wells Fargo case a 'wake-up call' for regulation

From the comments:

Nobody suffered financial loss. All fees that "may" have been charged were reversed. $285 million in fines were paid. What the heck do you want, blood? - shaunm

Emphasis added.

If a bank employee steals money from you but then offers to give it back once caught, then you have not suffered a financial loss. No harm, no foul. No jail time needed.

Similarly, if you steal money from from a bank employee but then see the police pulling out up front, simply return the money and exit the bank. No harm, no foul. No jail time needed.

Further, if you kidnap someone but then release them and return the ransom if the police show up, then there's been no crime. Chances are your "victim" even got some free food and temporary lodging out of the deal. Unfortunately, nobody will be reimbursing you for those expenses. Where's the justice?

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