Monday, March 14, 2011

"Oh yeah, they're really scared."

March 14, 2011
Japan Earthquake: Third Reactor at Fukushima Nuclear Plant Explodes

A new explosion at a Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant reactor in Japan early Tuesday may have left the reactor leaking water, according to the company that runs the plant.

March 14, 2011
A Tribute to the Japanese People

There is no panic, there is no fighting for scarce food and water, there is no looting.

You are probably wondering who I quoted in my headline. Let's just say that I am not proud to be living in the Seattle area today. Check out my local news.

March 14, 2011
Japan disaster leads to nuke pill demand in Seattle

And even though experts have repeatedly said there is no current threat of a nuclear release reaching the U.S., a holistic nutrition store on Seattle’s Capitol Hill had its modest supply of potassium iodide sold out in hours.

Oh yeah, they’re really scared,” said Rae Diamond of Rainbow Natural Remedies, “and that’s the main thing…to try to quiet the fears.”

Seattle to Fukushima Airport

The straight line distance between Seattle and Fukushima Airport is approximately 4683 miles or 7537 kilometers.


Potassium iodide is about as useful at protecting us from nuclear disasters 4,683 miles away as
14mg gold coins are useful at protecting us from economic disasters here at home. At least we are consistent apparently.


Mr Slippery said...

As part of my home emergency supplies, I bought KI about 2 years ago. Of course, it only protects against thyroid damage from radioactive iodine, one of many potential radioactive elements that might be encountered.

I prefer to be over prepared, but there is not much you can do in a nuclear disaster except be somewhere else. We live about 25 miles upwind from the San Onofre nuke plant. That should be a safe distance, I hope.

Stagflationary Mark said...

Mr Slippery,

I once lived in Spokane which is not all that far from Fairchild Air Force base.

I figured the best purchase for use in an all out nuclear war was a lawn chair. Might just as well enjoy the show!

I'm still of that mindset. I can relate to Charlie Frost.

MaxedOutMama said...

Mark - I'm not sure whether people just like to be scared or whether they really don't know the difference between one hundred miles and 4,000 miles.

Either way, these people vote, which is a scary, scary thing. I guess the alternative is even worse.

Stagflationary Mark said...

"Either way, these people vote, which is a scary, scary thing."

That truly is terrifying. I wish I could take a pill for that. Like you say though, I'd no doubt be even more terrified if voting was cancelled.

Teri said...

I don't know why you would be surprised about the reaction in Seattle. It's all about them, after all. They've spent so much time talking about how scary nukes are, this is enough to make heads explode. I prefer the days they joke about, when we used to duck and cover under our desks. We might have been scared but we didn't panic.

Stagflationary Mark said...


I prefer the days they joke about, when we used to duck and cover under our desks.

Good times! :)