Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rocksmith Review

In my opinion, it is the best game of the decade so far.


tj and the bear said...

You a guitar player? I'm not, but it's always something I regret not following through on. Thanks for the vid!

Troy said...


I actually had this idea -- I called it "Eddie Ate Dynamite".

I have a parallel idea for another area of knowledge acquisition that I've been toying with for the iPad.

It's in Unity so I can make a Windows version for their app store too. . .

Windows Store is going to be an interesting madhouse. . .

Stagflationary Mark said...

tj and the bear,

I enjoyed the Rock Band video games so much (comes with a cheap plastic guitar) that I ended up buying a really nice real guitar (Les Paul Gibson) several years ago. I dinked around on it but it mostly just sat in its case. That's all changing now though.

One of my favorites was Rock Band's Go with the Flow. The Rocksmith game also has that same song!

I'm now better than the person in the Rocksmith link I just offered. Some of the Rock Band skills actually do carry over a bit (especially on a high speed rhythm song like this one). I'm also starting to make a dent in some other songs like Stone Temple Pilot's Between the Lines. The person in that video appears to be slightly better than me. The difficulty is about the same but I tend to make a few more mistakes (fewer mistakes each day though).

I'm mostly in single note arrangements still. But hey, it's only been about a week.

Rocksmith really pushes you. I have to keep turning the difficulty down just to get a breather. It never stays down for long though. The game constantly adapts to how you are playing.

If you regret not learning the guitar then you REALLY need to give Rocksmith a chance. After 10 minutes or so it will convince you that you can learn to play it and in far less time than you might have guessed.

Here's another way to look at it. In the past it would have been a LOT of work to learn to play the guitar. Now it is a LOT of fun. Take advantage of the gift that procrastination has given you.

Want proof? It must be fun because I cannot feel the tip of my left index finger. The only time it doesn't feel numb is when I'm totally abusing it on the guitar's strings. Why would I do that if it wasn't fun?

And lastly, I offer a tongue-in-cheek disclaimer.

It's a fun game with creativity and fun! (Inside joke for those paying attention to the work related horror stories I've shared. ;))

Stagflationary Mark said...


I'm a sucker for knowledge acquisition, especially as it relates to learning *how* to do something well. I think that's what interested me most in physics and computer science.

As you are well aware, the knowledge acquisition provided by the St. Louis Fed database can and does consume many hours of our lives. ;)

Scott said...

Learning to play the guitar is very doable thanks to the web. My brother in law gave me an electric with an amp about 8 months ago; and now my kids are complimenting my playing.

You can find lyrics and chords for just about any song; and then cue up the song on Youtube or your mp3 player of choice and play along.

Anyone who can get skilled at Guitar Hero, Rock Band or Rocksmith can do it with the real thing.

Do it, you won't regret it!

Stagflationary Mark said...


Rocksmith *IS* the real thing! That's what makes the game so good.

You supply a real guitar in order to play it. :)