Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Quote of the Year

November 21, 2012
Macau grapples with booming casino economy

“Macau is a complete illusion of prosperity because what we are building is only casinos, rooms and some shops with famous brands,” said lawmaker Jose Coutinho.

Good thing we know better!


AllanF said...

Hey strangers! I didn't die, just been busy. :-)

Check it out:

A friend did 99% of the programming in the app. I've been abusing HTML, nagging our graphics artist (he takes the "artist" part a little too seriously), and shaking bushes among sympathetic homeschool bloggers.

It looks like crap there, but if you have flash support you can see it run by going to the Amazon page and clicking the big green box under the price that says "TEST DRIVE NOW." Share it with a friend, niece, nephew, neighbor's kids that are always trespassing on your grass.


Stagflationary Mark said...


From your link...

First is what engineers call duty-cycle, or the amount of time the kids spend practicing math versus the amount of time they spend waiting for the various game attributes in the software to play out. Some games feel like they spend over half their time on things totally unrelated to the student practicing math. That is time not spent doing something productive. If the child has 20 minutes for a session of math practice, but 10 of it is spent watching cartoon animations and talking animals, he or she is only getting half the actual math practice that they could be getting.

Oh oh. I'm busted, lol. Our games were definitely cartoon and talking animal heavy! ;)

123 with Hickory and me

Encourages children to explore number concepts, practice number recognition and counting, and build early math skills. Animation features Hickory, a mouse, and his firefly friend, Nat, who inhabit a magical math meadow.

I can't believe it's been 18 years since I was lead software engineer on that product. @#$%! I feel old, lol.

Rob Dawg said...

Detah cross:

Federal Debt/Federal Revenue and
Personal Interest Payments/Personal Income on the same graph.

Rob Dawg said...

Death Cross that is...

AllanF said...

Oh oh. I'm busted, lol.

Man, did/do I hate that stuff. Our graphics guy's son said it best, "I hate it when people try to make learning fun. I'd rather just learn."

I quoted him and stuck it on our home page. :-) He's not a 140 IQ grinder either. Just hates teh BS I guess.

My opinion is when I want to have fun, I want to maximize fun. When I want to learn, I want to maximize learning (which necessarily minimizes the fun, so that I can be done and go back to truly fun stuff, not 1/2 fun stuff).

Rob Dawg said...

Inducing kids to learn is antidarwinian. Best cull early.

AllanF said...

Jeez RD, you see right through my Machiavellian plans!

But do you have to go telling everyone else? :-)

Stagflationary Mark said...

Rob Dawg & AllanF,

Inducing kids to learn is antidarwinian. Best cull early.

I had a computer science professor in college who gave an easy multiple choice test as his first test. His second test required proper time management and a firm grasp of the material.

Let the culling begin!

He didn't stick to his guns though. So many people failed the test that he allowed almost everyone to retake the test at home. Same test!

I scored very high on the test, but then watched others around me score perfect scores on the take home test. I wasn't even allowed to retake the test to improve my score. It was only the people who scored poorly who could retake it.

It hurt me slightly at the end of the quarter. I was just shy of the 4.0 I was seeking. It was a lock if not for that test, since the professor graded on a curve.

That said, I took 5 more classes from him. I wasn't that upset clearly. I felt I was learning something from him. That second test was probably a life lesson, lol.

AllanF said...

Ben Bernanke?