Thursday, February 13, 2014

I'm Gonna Pop Some Tags (Musical Tribute)

The following chart shows the 6-month moving average of the annual growth in clothing and clothing accessory store retail sales per capita. Keep in mind that it is not adjusted for inflation.

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We've experienced a lot of weather over the past few years. I doubt there's any reason to worry about the trend.

Source Data:
St. Louis Fed: Custom Chart


mab said...

Put me down for the under on GDP. And employment. And inflation. And interest rates. And personal income.

I'll take the over on Gov't debt though.

Housing, autos, retail sales, etc. I see no reason for optimism.

The future is so bright I gotta where 99 cent shades.

Stagflationary Mark said...


Give you 49 cents for half your shades! Cash.

The couch ATM is back in business. Yes!

One quarter! Two dimes! 4 pennies! No counterparty risk!

Oh, wait. I'm not I need free shipping to send you the payment. Never mind. Sigh.

mab said...

The couch ATM is back in business. Yes!

Yes indeed! And don't forget, there's a lot of change under car seats too!

All this economy needs is "New Deal" Used Cars!

You want the solution to inflation?


p.s. WV = "Love" (in red letters no less)! Now if Google could just get rid of all this snow!

mab said...

I think I left a bad link. Hopefully this works:


Stagflationary Mark said...


"That price is too high."