Monday, April 28, 2008

The Sarcasm Report v.20

What US Stagflation Means for Asian Markets

This nervousness translates into a dampened shopping mood, which stems primarily from the female subconscious.

This dangerous mentality is clearly being offset by the hoarding behavior of men as we stock our pantries and bunkers. Woohoo!

I am no longer in the numbers game, but I expect the data to be particularly weak due to the sagging stock market and slumping housing market taking their tolls on consumer sentiment - which is very much driven by women!

In sharp contrast, the men who helped get us into this mess are still out telling us how great things are! Woohoo!

K&C Quotables

The futures markets are now looking at three rate hikes out a year from now. That strengthens the dollar; it weakens gold; it weakens oil. It’s great for stocks because it means that the Fed is going to stop fueling the inflation machine. And that there’s confidence that the credit crisis has been mastered. This is just fantastic news. - Donald Luskin

When you narrow risk premiums, stock markets soar....The process is finally working. - David Kotok

Bush says rebates going out Monday will boost economy

Bush has suggested the rebates could trigger a spending spree.

Spending spree! Woohoo!

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