Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kimberly Clark

April 26, 2011
Price Hikes Won't Help Kimberly-Clark's Stock

Kimberly-Clark is proposing to raise prices of baby care products in the range of 3-7% and around 7% for consumer tissues.

For what it is worth, we have roughly 20-30 years worth of Kimberly Clark tissue (35,000+ tissues). All of it was bought over time with Costco coupons. We're pretty much done now. Sorry Kimberly Clark. We just don't have that much more future demand.

Behold the power of Ben Bernanke's monetary policies in action. You can certainly get savers to spend but you aren't necessarily going to be happy with the long-term results.

If you are wondering how we could possible use that much tissue, picture two people with seasonal allergies and one of these.

There has already been one toilet paper scare this year in Orange County. Be safe out there. ;)


Stagflationary Mark said...

See the comments here for more information on the ongoing Sony Playstation Network fiasco.

I'm Not POTUS said...

I wish I was that far ahead, but my wife only allows Cottonelle, which my Costco only just started to stock and I have used up all the coupons I could find.

nanute said...

I can't by enough TP. I'm suffering from a case of Opticalrectalitis: I have a shitty outlook on life.

Stagflationary Mark said...

I'm NOT Potus,

This is just the facial tissue part of my hoard. Don't even get me started on the toilet paper! I've got over 50,000 square feet of it. That's over an acre. No joke!

And then there are paper towels. There's another 20,000 square feet of those.

Opticalrectalitis for the win!

As a side note, should a burglar enter my home and try to extract the wealth, he's going to find it hard work. It isn't easy moving acres of paper from a back room on the 2nd floor. We also have plenty of kitty litter. That's $7.39 per 30 pounds (Costco), lol. Sigh.

I'm also picturing the average car and how many trips it would take to move all that stuff. It made sense for me since I just packed my car every time I went to Costco. I was there anyway. It makes far less sense for a burglar to make so many trips.

"Yeah, they caught me. I was on my 10th visit to that home loading up on the toilet paper when the homeowner finally noticed me and called the police. Who knew?"

Hahaha! Sigh.

Soviet of Washington said...

Mark, doesn't King5 use the number of Costco toilet paper bundles that can be held as cargo as a measure of new car rating? Seems useful.

Stagflationary Mark said...

Soviet of Washington,

Here is one of the top rated vehicles. ;)

Shanghai Cargo