Sunday, April 10, 2011

Survival and Prosperity

Sorry for not posting much lately. I should be back to posting somewhat more regularly in the next week or so.

In the meantime, check out Survival and Prosperity. I added it to my blog list today.

What's not to like? Survival is good. So is prosperity. ;)

As a side note, be sure to check out the blog's About link.

No mention of survival and prosperity would be complete without also including a quote from my latest water bill. I think it shows just how strong our economic recovery has been.

Added "Lien Fee" of $250 plus recording fees ($128) to cover increased administration costs associated with foreclosures. Also added $20 "intent to Lien" fee for the registered letters mailed to customers seriously delinquent and facing lien action by the District.

Much can be learned from reading one's mail apparently. There were the crazy mortgage offers which made me concerned about the housing market back in 2004. Now there is the "intent to Lien" business.

These aren't the business models we are looking for.


Mr Slippery said...

Interesting site. Right up my alley. I made progress in both areas last week:

Survival: my daughter and I completed a Fear, Adrenaline and Stress seminar on dealing with verbal and physical confrontations. Part of our Krav Maga training.

Prosperity: added to gold and silver positions early in the week during the gold breakout over 1440. Half of those positions will be sold this week. And I will officially begin my nickel hoarding tomorrow with 20 rolls of 5 cent pieces. I have a one year accumulation plan and 10-15 year horizon. Some day we will look back fondly on the days of metal coins.

getyourselfconnected said...

You are welcome for the silver coin Mark! Love the Star Wars slants.

Stagflationary Mark said...

Mr Slippery,

So you've kind of gone with a 50% survival and 50% prosperity ratio. Interesting.

That doesn't leave a whole lot left over for discretionary spending! ;)


We had a reactor leak here now. Give us a few minutes to lock it down. Large leak, very dangerous.

I think Han Solo must be some sort of Japanese ambassador. Imagine my surprise when I found out that he said it back in 1977. ;)

getyourselfconnected said...

Ouch! Funny, but ouch!

Stagflationary Mark said...


In hindsight, I probably should have used a ;( symbol to represent the gallows humor.