Saturday, September 29, 2012

Detroit's Candy Mountain (Musical Tribute)

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The blue line (right scale) shows the declining population of Wayne County, Michigan. The black line shows Detroit's housing price index adjusted for inflation (left scale).

That red part between the two lines? Well, that's open to musical interpretation.

Yes, it is yet another post filled with gallows humor and sarcasm. Sigh.

This post inspired by Troy and Mr Slippery from the comments of the last post.

Source Data:
St. Louis Fed: Custom Chart


Stagflationary Mark said...

For those who have not seen the full video, here's a link.

Charlie the Unicorn loses a kidney in that mountain, much to the surprise of Larry Kudlow.

Troy said...

Real per-capita income, Detroit

1970s: $19,000 to $24,000, up 25%
1980s: $24,000 to $29,000, up 20%
1990s: $29,000 to $38,000, up 30%
2000s: $38,000 to $34,000, not up anything

adding gas prices:

ayup, no surprise there.

my god this nation is screwed if we can't get our energy "story" sorted out this decade.

Solar, nuclear, paying schoolkids to turn generators, I don't care.

5 things are killing the middle class -- the rent tap in housing, the rent tap in health, the rent tap in energy, the trade deficit with China, and the cost of "higher" education.