Monday, August 26, 2013

We're ZIRPing Along on the "Road" to Full Recovery

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I can feel us all starting to think about potentially driving another 80 billion miles each year within our lifetimes. It could happen, right? It's certainly within the realm of possibility. I mean the thinking part, not necessarily the driving part.

We just need to be patient and let the trend in red do all the work! Well, once it reverses and starts to really pick up steam anyway.

Fortunately, we have time to be patient. And why is that? We can rule out any other events "driving" this down at an even faster rate. I have it on good authority that the Fed has permanently put a stop to all future recessions! The trick was simple. Cripple the economy so much that it can't possibly fall any further. Genius!

So there you have it. I have 100% confidence in the Fed to never allow another recession! There have been 19 recessions since the Fed was founded in 1913? Yeah, but that old Fed isn't like the new Fed! This time it's different! They've got all kinds of advanced data sets on heavily leveraged economies. They know what to expect now. And let's not forget that the "unexpected" housing bust added a great deal to their understanding, just like the dotcom bubble before it!

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Source Data:
St. Louis Fed: Custom Chart


Mr Slippery said...

At least we aren't Portugal.

The ECB is even more infallible than the Fed because they formed the perfect monetary union. Just look at how they have saved Europe from not only recessions, but they have banned war forever on the continent.

It is so wonderful to live in the age of perfect central planners. Nobody has to worry about anything.

Stagflationary Mark said...

Mr Slippery,

We aren't Portugal? That's too bad!

They are ranked so much higher on the Happy Planet Index!

The new HPI results show the extent to which 151 countries across the globe produce long, happy and sustainable lives for the people that live in them.

We're very low on the list. Just look at the map. It's just us and South Africa pulling up the rear, lol. Sigh.

Happy to me is just a state of mind though. As long as gallows humor and sarcasm isn't banned then I'm feeling great!

Those aren't banned, right? I haven't read the details of Patriot Act VI: Freedom's Last Stand!

Oops. I think I just triggered the black ops helicopters to my house again! ;)

Stagflationary Mark said...

As long as gallows humor and sarcasm isn't banned then I'm feeling great!

Where is my editor! Aren't banned! Serves me right for sneaking "sarcasm" in there.