Friday, August 16, 2013

When "Sure Things" Break Part II (Musical Tribute)

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In your house I long to be;
Room by room patiently,
I'll wait for you there like a stone.
I'll wait for you there alone.

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Source Data:
St. Louis Fed: Custom Chart


Troy said...

if I were King I'd be paying $50B/mo on construction of new condo developments to give away (at their cost of construction).

$50B/mo divided by $5000 per job would be 10 million jobs created, plus rents and home values would collapse with all the supply coming online.

Unfortunately everybody from the President on down considers the rising cost of housing a good thing not bad.

In other news, this headline caught my eye:

California adds 38,100 jobs in July, but jobless rate rises to 8.7%

It's hard to understand reality with such big numbers, so, breaking it down, e.g. Fresno is 1.3% of the state's population so its share of that new hiring was . . . 500 jobs, or 1 new job per 1,000 people.

Things don't have to be so utterly screwed up, but nobody can even see the real imbalances any more.

I try to bash some sense into the system by plaguing DeLong's comment section with my thesis, eg. today's.

My sig is becoming "Nobody gets this." I should TM that.

Stagflationary Mark said...


Your plan could reduce vehicle miles driven as well!

I suggest placing an distribution center on the first floor of every condo.

Don't forget to install the pneumatic tubes for quick and efficient automated delivery!

Damn. Once the condos are complete, we're *really* going to have to think up new jobs!

I'm only half-joking. Sigh.