Saturday, December 14, 2013

Popping the Home Equity Loan Bubble

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Check out that pyramid scheme! We're all pharaohs now!

Estimated Completion Date: July 2020

Keep in mind that it is only an estimate. Since $1,500 is still triple the $500 in the 1990s, there's plenty of room for error should another recession hit between now and then.

Don't worry though. I'm just being silly. What could possibly go wrong now that the Fed has permanently put a stop to recessions? Just look at that 0.99 correlation since the peak! That linear trend will no doubt continue well past hitting the 1990s median! It's an unstoppable force and no immovable wall can slow it down! Yes, that's right. It's going negative, baby! This sure thing's got legs!

Don't you see what this means? We'll be borrowing negative amounts of money to fund our antimatter granite countertop purchases someday! It makes sense if you think about it. We apparently borrowed vast sums of positive money when real estate prices only went up. At some point in the future, we may be borrowing vast sums of negative money if real estate prices only go down again! Woohoo!

God does not build in straight lines. - Charlie Holloway, Prometheus (2012)

He does now! Charlie Holloway clearly never met Ben "There Is No Housing Bubble to Go Bust" Bernanke! He speaks! The world listens!

Why does the world listen? I have no idea. Such is the mystery of faith.

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