Monday, October 24, 2016

Coach: Jim Cramer's Winner of the Newest World

February 6, 2012
CNBC: Cramer Pits Coach Versus Tiffany Stock

To Cramer: it’s important investors are able to understand what makes some companies winners while other companies in the same sector struggle. Right now, he thinks Coach is a winner while Tiffany continues to struggle.

Adjusting for dividends and splits, investors in Coach have lost 43% since he said that. Meanwhile, Tiffany investors are up 24%. I kid you not.

Hey Cramer, is "winner" a euphemism for luxury bag holding opportunity? Just trying to make sense of all the subtle nuances!


mab said...

euphemism for luxury bag holding opportunity?

Euphemism for hand holding opportunity

Stagflationary Mark said...

Nice!! Hahaha!

Most Life Coachs like their work and job satisfaction is high.

Most? Those who don't should immediately contact a life coach!!