Monday, October 17, 2016

U.K. Savers Miss Out on Giant U.S. Dollar Rally

I only bring it up because...

October 17, 2016
MarketWatch: U.S. investors miss out on giant U.K. stock rally

The U.K. stock market is white-hot right now, with FTSE 100 trading near record highs. But unfortunately for foreign investors, the sharp drop in the British pound would have erased all of their profits, and then some.

As a U.S. saver, I'll try not to beat myself up over missing that giant white-hot nothingburger opportunity.

Hey! U.K. savers! Today only, will sell you a dollar for just $1.01! Buy as many as you want! Who knows? Might be more rally left!! We may be printing them as fast as we can but we still can't meet demand!

Bad Mark. Bad! Bad! Apologies to any U.K. savers who follow this blog.


mab said...

Sometimes nothingburgers are worth big money. Consider.

According to CNN, the smart money has paid the Clintons $153 million for speeches since 2001. Must be some serious wisdom in those speeches if they're worth $153 million.

And yet, Hillary gives a free campaign speech and she can't fill a high school gymnasium.

And it's not pay for play either. How do I know? The MSM and the Clinton campaign have repeatedly assured me it wasn't.

Stagflationary Mark said...

300+ million Americans
$153 million

1 rib for everyone!