Wednesday, November 7, 2007

IEA: World Energy Outlook 2007

IEA: World Energy Outlook, Executive Summary
The consequences for China, India, the OECD and the rest of the world of unfettered growth in global energy demand are, however, alarming. If governments around the world stick with current policies – the underlying premise of our Reference Scenario – the world’s energy needs would be well over 50% higher in 2030 than today. China and India together account for 45% of the increase in demand in this scenario.

IEA tips 'king coal' in bleak view of world's energy future
PARIS (Thomson Financial) - The International Energy Agency has painted a bleak picture of the next two decades, with the world's dependence on fossil fuels set to rocket at a time of global alarm about climate change.

Oil supply crunch in period to 2015 'cannot be ruled out' - IEA
'A supply side crunch in the period to 2015, involving an abrupt escalation in oil prices, cannot be ruled out,' it added.

IEA says oil prices will stay 'very high,' threatening global growth
Should governments fail to limit oil demand growth or fail to find alternative energy sources, especially in China, India and developed nations, "we may see price levels much higher than we conventionally believed in the past," Birol said.

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