Thursday, August 30, 2012

CNBC's New Grammar Rules

August 30, 2012
Cramer: Here's How I'm Playing Gold Now

Owning gold minimizing your risk to the downside, he said.

I minimizing grammar risks too.

Cramer said investors could also asked their broker about buying bullion, which is the actual physical bars of gold.

I could also asked other things?

In all seriousness, English was never my best subject in school. I leaned much more heavily towards math and physics. Did something change overnight? Are there new rules I should be using?


Stagflationary Mark said...

I make my fair share of grammar errors on this blog no doubt. Here's the difference. This is NOT my job. I'm not paid to do this for a living.

Troy said...

Windows 8 UI vs Idiocracy UI

The only thing I'll say about Windows is that MS should have no fear about Apple suing them for IP theft this time around.

Stagflationary Mark said...


That is hilarious!!

mab said...

I actually saw Cramer pumping gold on his show Mad Money yesterday. It was a chance event as I never watch Cramer.

He was going on about how the price of gold has sky rocketed over the past 10 years. Nothing like telling people to buy after the price has gone parabolic!

Do they ring a clown horn at the top?

Stagflationary Mark said...


Nothing like telling people to buy after the price has gone parabolic!

February 29, 2000
The Winners of the New World - Jim Cramer

So, if you can't own the retailers, and you can't own transports, and you can't own banks and brokers and financials and you can't own commodity makers and you can't own the newspapers, and you can't own the machinery stocks, what can you own?

A-ha, that just leaves us with tech. That's why we keep coming back to it. That's why, despite the 80% increase in the Nasdaq last year, we are looking at another record year now. It is by that process of elimination that I have picked my top 10. And my next 10 and my next 10 after. Only those companies are worth owning. The rest?

You can have them.