Sunday, August 5, 2012

Solutions to All of Our Problems! v.8

How do we solve the unemployment problem? We turn to a state with extra experience and follow their lead!

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Note the uptick.

August 5, 2012
New York says: Breast-feed or else

If you want to use infant formula in the hospital, you will have to ask a nurse for it. The nurse will be required to deliver a grim lecture on why you are making a mistake. If you persist, the formula will be taken from its locked location, but the staff will have to sign it out, keep records on its distribution and forward the information to the Health Department. It may be easier to get marijuana.

Genius! What? You don't see the genius of first banning big gulps and then requiring breast milk? Here, let me explain the concept with the following labor-intensive food service meal idea.

The Snarky Meal

* One Micro Burger
* One Individually Wrapped French Fry
* One Shot Glass of Breast Milk
* Served in a Small Reusable Latex Bag

It is a very labor-intensive meal to create (per calorie served). This should put many Americans back to work. Still don't see it?

Dairy farming

This article is missing information about animals other than cows.

Indeed it is!

February 24, 2011
Breast milk ice cream goes on sale in Covent Garden

Mrs Hiley, who gets £15 for every 10 ounces of milk she donates to the company, said it was a great "recession beater".


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Source Data:
St. Louis Fed: Unemployment Rate in New York


Mr Slippery said...

There is so much upside to the breast milk meme.

Instead of Starbucks, we could have Starbreasts where all coffee drinks are made with steamed breast milk. McDonalds could market frosty breast milk shakes, and we can all be entertained my rap sensation DJ breast milk. Endless possibilities.

Stagflationary Mark said...

Mr Slippery,

Endless possibilities.

Yes! There is no limit to the prosperity that will be unleashed.


I can't wait to see what Mayor Bloomberg thinks up next. He's on a roll!

mab said...

I can't wait to see what Mayor Bloomberg thinks up next. He's on a roll!

He's one a "role". He and the other master-meddlers are slowly eroding our freedoms. It's all for the greater good of course. Our shrinking and debt impoverished middle class is proof of that!

Who are the real terrorists? Which group poses the biggest threat to liberty?

Crazy talk.

Troy said...

Talk of "liberty" when half this country are too stupid for words is somewhat perilous given we have to pay for stupidity, too, ya know.

At any rate, I was surprised to see soylent green reference, since I had just looked that movie up and filed away that it was set in 2022, just about when I expect things to blow up here, given peak boomer birth year was 1957 and 1957+65 = 2022.

Stagflationary Mark said...


Crazy talk!

It's all just an act, a patriot act.

Ba dum tssshhh

Stagflationary Mark said...


Tropic Thunder (5/10) Movie CLIP - Never Go Full Retard (2008) HD

What more is there to say?