Wednesday, September 11, 2013

This "Recovery" Is Just About Over (Musical Tribute)

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Start with retail sales. Subtract off motor vehicles and parts (mostly purchased with excess credit), gasoline station sales, food sales, and nonstore retail sales (since nonstores tend to hire non-employees). Adjust for inflation and divide by the population. The chart shows what's left. It's the perfect recipe for MaxedOutMama's disturbing Utterly Schizoid NFIB Report.

In my opinion, the core economy is running out of steam again. They say nobody rings a bell at the top. I guess everyone is just too busy counting their money while they're sitting at the table.

Source Data:
Census: Monthly & Annual Retail Trade
St. Louis Fed: CPI
St. Louis Fed: Population


honestcreditguy said...

Top calling kettle black...

October looks like the time to break out the bear river to see 16k down first...with the new adds it should happen

Stagflationary Mark said...

Bernanke Finally Admits Economy Can't Handle 3% Interest Rates

That's the headline we should be seeing today. ;)