Saturday, November 5, 2016

Election 2016: I Am Very Optimistic!

November 5, 2016
NBC News: Election Chaos Fears Have Preppers Stockpiling Survival Food

Reddie predicts a Trump win that has the urban poor revolting across the nation and the imposition of martial law to quell riots and the burning of businesses.

But he's also getting ready for the possibility of a Clinton victory that he says could lead to conflict with Russia and "World War 3 in 2017."

Either way, Freddy's ready - with both supplies and a word of advice.

Wow! On a relative basis, I am very optimistic. My plans involve sharing a bowl of popcorn on election night and playing with our dog (to help ease the traumatic election pain).

He has to use a pseudonym to protect his supply from any future hungry neighbors, he told NBC News.

I've been keeping extra supplies on hand as well, but mainly because I think they've been out performing treasury bills on an inflation adjusted basis. I also tend to stock up when things are cheap. Take this week for instance. Del Monte tomatoes are just 49 cents per can at QFC when bought in multiples of 10. Um, yes please!!

I really don't think an "I'm sorry, but we're fresh out of food." will cut it if mobs of angry disenfranchised starving masses show up at our door in his vision of the election apocalypse. I say this because about 200 scary looking children begging for food showed up on the last day of October this year. We managed to appease them with mini chocolate candy bars and Dum Dums. So yes, there is a precedence. ;)


dearieme said...

Dum Dums are the most effective ammunition.

I've been considering visiting the US just so that I could vote as an illegal immigrant. I suppose if I were a dead illegal immigrant I could vote ten times.

Anonymous said...

Come on down. We'd never catch you. We'd even give you the "I voted" sticker.

Stagflationary Mark said...


Dum dum is how I feel listening to all my phone messages lately. It seems every politician in America has discovered the miracle of robo-calling this year.

"Hi, I'm...."

No, you aren't. A computer working on ypur behalf is transferring your message to a computer working on my behalf with the intention that I actually answer the phone when it rings, instead of letting the messages accumulate on the voice mail of my unplugged landline phone until I opt for a few minutes of mass deletion. Sigh.

And why do I even have a landline phone? It's the only number I share with businesses, since the line is almost always unplugged. Dum dum technology, but it does mean I get fewer calls on my mobile phone. Hurray.

Stagflationary Mark said...


You can keep the sticker but if you throw in a free budgie, you've got a deal! ;)