Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Inflation Irony

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June 1, 2012
With helium running short, price is ballooning

The second most abundant element in the universe is sure hard to come by these days.

A global shortage of helium — that lighter-than-air gas — has grounded blimps, canceled balloon releases and threatens to deprive a generation of children of artificially squeaky voices.

May 22, 2012
Helium: Inflated prices

A large amount of the world's helium supply could be locked in the reservoir and unable to be accessed by anyone as early as the middle of next year, when the Federal Helium Reserve runs out of money to operate.

May 11, 2012
Senate Bill Would Preserve Helium Supply for Research

"Without timely action, there will be chaos in the helium supply in the United States."

Can we inflate without helium? Yes we can!

Chaos! Anarchy! Sarcasm! Irony!

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