Sunday, June 17, 2012

Quote of the Day

June 16, 2012
MORENO VALLEY: Jobs analysis doesn’t mesh with warehouse realities

“They are not investing in people, but they are investing in technologies,” Wu said. “The rule of thumb is around 4,000 square feet per job.”


Troy said...

"creating about 20,000 “direct jobs. . . . Another 8,000 people would find work in and around Moreno Valley at restaurants, dry cleaners and other services needed by these workers and their employers."

That's an interesting ratio 20,000 -> 8,000.

Makes sense I guess, the gov't rakes 40% off the top, leaving us with 12,000, then housing takes its 30%, leaving us with 8,400.

If anything, 8,000 is a bit high, since money isn't going to stick in the Riverside County economy all that long.

But maybe the 8,000 is counting 2nd order distribution, like maybe it's 20,000 -> 6,000 -> 1,000 -> 500 -> 200 . . .

Stagflationary Mark said...


He calculated that the proposed World Logistics Center would put one person to work for every 2,000 square feet of warehouse space, creating about 20,000 “direct jobs.”

And how long before those 20,000 jobs become 10,000 jobs? As per the "quote of the day" in my post? Sigh.