Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pop Quiz: What Costs $27 per Troy Ounce?


My phaser weighs 129 grams.
That's 4.15 troy ounces.
Phasers currently sell for $112.
That's a whopping $27 per troy ounce!

I paid $28.95 (not counting shipping, handling, and tax) in July of 2009. It's been one of the best investments since the depths of the recession. I'm up 287%!

I feel no richer. I bought with the intent to hold to maturity. I can't unlock the phaser's value without reselling it to a greater nerd. I have no intention of doing that. Illusion of phaser prosperity?

This cheap plastic toy continues to get more and more expensive. He who makes the phaser, makes the rules? At what price point will these phasers be produced in mass quantities again? Phaser bubble?

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