Friday, May 1, 2015

Interesting Theory of the Day

May 1, 2015
How to retire in your 30s: Save most of your money, rethink core values

I refer you to the words of wisdom by Milton Galfas in the comment section:

Why would you want to "retire" ever? People who retire die.

Working for "the man" is the path to immortality? Sounds like hell on earth to me! Perhaps there is a cause and effect problem here. Since most accidents happen near the home, one wonders if it wouldn't be a whole lot safer just staying the f%^k away from home! That's why I intend to fly to the Middle East. You know, for my safety, lol. Sigh.

It is so stupid to waste your physically healthy years chasing money and have no life.

Some believe, as I do, that it is better to work harder during the physically healthy years so one is not forced to work hard during their physically unhealthy years. Further, I don't think anyone who is aggressively saving for early retirement is forced to have no life. I don't recall being in hell as I took my dog to the local park (a free activity). In fact, it made me want more of it. Unless I'm missing something, saving money and retiring early can provide more free time over one's life.

Most of those people who follow the plans laid out commit suicide before they turn 40 and then their children get to retire early.

I had no idea I was taking such a risk. Most early retirees commit suicide? It is good that I use an electric razor so as not to be tempted to cut my wrists. It is also good that I have no children (unless one counts two dogs, a bird, and two horses). Perhaps that is what protects me.

And that can only make the world better.

Utopia will be found when good people can never stop working? And evil people retire early and commit suicide? Now we know! Be good citizens! Stay productive!

Bow down before the one you serve, you're going to get what you deserve. - Trent Reznor

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