Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Yellen's Top 10 Rate Hike Postponement Excuses

10. Grand Theft Auto monetary policy simulation experiments still inconclusive.
9. Even Jim Rogers actually likes the US Dollar now? WTF!
8. Waiting for tiny house fad to fade.
7. Shadow banking system still needs more solvent.
6. Two words: Radio Shack.
5. VCR still blinking 12:00. Patiently awaiting an uptick.
4. Borrowed time surest way to permanent prosperity.
3. Ben Bernanke broke the rate hike lever.
2. How about that weather? When it isn't sunny, it's cloudy.
1. The Dogs of the Dow ate my homework.


mab said...

Yellen is doing her job. She's a propagandist. Since Greensham, the Fed's job has been to disadvantage productive endeavors against speculation/financial engineering.

Dual mandate my @ss!

Stagflationary Mark said...


11. Just doin' my job!

Yellen's Top 11 Excuses!

And as we all know, 11 is one better than 10. Bravo!

Meanwhile, short-term savers get the Spinal Tap ;)

Joseph Constable said...

If the economy goes south badly FRB members better head for the hills. People with figurative tar and feathers will be looking for them.

Stagflationary Mark said...

Joseph Constable,

The economy will never be allowed to go south again. Central bank monetary planning will prevent it, just like it did heading into the Great Recession.

Oops. Bad example. ;)