Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nogistics (Musical Tribute)

MaxedOutMama is attempting to make my "nogic" something more than just a jumble of word verification letters. Who am I to argue?

Everyone already knows that nogic and nogistics make the world work better.

When the wind fuels our cars
Because it's cheaper than tar
That's nogistics

When we subsidize corn
So we aren't so forlorn
That's nogistics

A continuous debt
It's a safe long-term bet
That's nogistics

Carbon footprint reduced
By importing more juice
That's nogistics

With new ways to consume
There'll be less doom and gloom
That's nogistics

When it's clear Al Gore knows
Right where all the warmth goes
That's nogistics

Krugman praises QE,
"Inflation is free,
there's no fee,
can't you see?"
That's nogistics

There will be no more stress
Because we borrowed the rest
That's nogistics


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Teri said...

We just need to spread the word - nogistics is the word we've been waiting for!

Stagflationary Mark said...


We just need to spread the word...

The world needs nogistics logistics!

Perhaps a Nobel Prize winning economist could create an opinion column in a major New York newspaper?

I'm not talking about those Nobel Prize winning economists at Long-Term Capital Management though. We don't need that level of genius to get the word out.

Future Nobel Prize Laureates Myron Scholes (left) and Robert C. Merton added a veneer of genius to the roster at LTCM.

I'm thinking that maybe an Enron level genius would be better.

The retreat of business bureaucracy in the face of the market was brought home to me recently when I joined the advisory board at Enron--a company formed in the '80s by the merger of two pipeline operators.