Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Sarcasm Report v.90

February 17, 2011
Lessons for Retirees From the Bear Market Decade

If that sounds to you like a fancy way of saying "tighten your belt," you're be right. Our economy and markets are struggling to recover from the worst financial meltdown since the Great Depression, and there really are no magic bullet solutions. The answers all require sacrifice, adjustments and hard work. Sacrifice Sacrifice (Temple)

Perhaps I "are be right" to be bearish? ;)


Stagflationary Mark said...

Here's a followup to Friday's investment idea. It seemed like a "sure thing" investment at first but now I'm starting to have my doubts.

February 11, 1998
The Onion: Family Dog Suspected Cause Of Miniature Chuck-Wagon Disaster

"This sort of thing happens all the time," said former miniature-chuck-wagon driver Randall "Tex" West, who claims he was fired by Chuck Wagon Transit after refusing to do any more kitchen runs until the dog problem was addressed. "I can't tell you how many times a chuck wagon will tear through a kitchen, hell-bent for leather, hootin' and hollerin' to beat the devil, with a happy, hungry hound right on his tail, just inches behind."

Continued West: "A lot of these drivers consider it kind of a 'macho' thing to see how close they can cut it before zipping under the kitchen counter into the dog-food bag at the last minute, leaving the puzzled mutt wondering where all them tasty treats disappeared to. Sure, it seems kind of funny at first, the way the dog looks around and blinks, like it can't figure out where that old chuck wagon up and went all of a sudden. But when something like this happens, it's a damn shame."

getyourselfconnected said...

That was funny stuff.