Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Safety of the Bears Is Dead and Bankrupt

When you read my headline you might be tempted to ponder the near doubling of the stock market off of its lows or perhaps think of the following story. Who could blame you?

World economy can survive oil price surge: IMF

The world economy can withstand the surge in oil prices sparked by unrest in the Middle East and North Africa so long as the increase proves short-lived, said the International Monetary Fund's number official, echoing Deutsche Bank AG and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

The world economy will survive. Thanks to Modern monetary technology which is keeping the life-blood flowing, the world economy isn't terminal. Isn't that great news? There's clearly no safety in being bearish any longer.

Perhaps my headline was meant to be taken a bit more literally though. Maybe I meant gummy bears?

Gummy Bears. Everyone loves them. But what everyone doesn't know is how easy and fun they are to make at home. This is the perfect project on a rainy day for the kids and the end result is just as good as anything you'd buy in the store.

There you have it. Homemade gummy bears are as good as *anything* we could buy in the store. If the price of oil continues to climb, we can just shut the malls down and all stay home. Win win!

Of course, we can also still buy 6 pounds of gummy bears at Costco for just $5.99. Some might have you believe that it makes the perfect addition to an Apocalypse Pantry. Some might.

What if you were to think *way* outside the box though? Perhaps my headline was meant to be taken completely literally? Then what?

Duerson recently filed for bankruptcy

Former Chicago Bears safety Dave Duerson, who killed himself Thursday, had filed for bankruptcy last September, the Chicago Tribune reported Tuesday.



mab said...


Homemade gummy bears are as good as *anything* we could buy in the store.

Anything? I beg to differ:


Stagflationary Mark said...


Oh man! Your video even has a catchy theme song!

Okay, that's it. I'm never leaving the house again to go to the mall. There's just too much free stuff on YouTube.

P.S. I just want Bernanke to cringe if he stumbles upon my blog.