Saturday, March 14, 2015

Best Place to Park Your Money

If capital depreciation appeals to you, then France might be the perfect fit! Bump those investment returns! Make a serious dent in your long-term savings goals!

March 14, 2015
Currency wars threaten Lehman-style crisis

The head of the Dutch central bank, having not previously complained publicly, last week admitted that euro-QE, by propping up spendthrift governments, would shield the likes of France and Italy from “market discipline”, postponing vital reforms. A senior Goldman Sachs banker added that negative interest rates are “freaking him out”.

And no wonder. For the longer profligate eurozone governments are able to ramp up borrowing, the more likely monetary union is dramatically to implode. And the further share prices are pumped up by QE and other monetary mutations, the more vulnerable global stock markets are to crash.

Hold on now. No need to freak out. As long as we keep the global economic speed down to the bare minimum, implosions and crashes seem highly unlikely. I doubt the airbags will even deploy!

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