Friday, March 6, 2015

Illusion of Prosperity Infects Virtual Prosperity World

I've been playing quite a bit of Real Racing 3 on my iPhone. It's a free to play game and last night I received the following exclusive offer.

Click to enlarge.

$250,000 in virtual currency not enough? Try $250,000!
66 in virtual gold not enough? Try 66 gold!

Yes! 0% more value! It's an exclusive offer just for me! Hahaha!

In the game's defense, the offer actually bumped up to 50% more when I went looking for it. So this screen shot is simply a bug. The virtual currency and gold would set me back $14.99 plus tax. Not interested. The currency is easy to earn while enjoying the game and I have built up 914 virtual gold right now. Don't need more any time soon.

I'm loving these free to play games that simply require a bit of patience.

To summarize, I earn virtual currency and virtual gold virtually gaming and just received a virtual exclusive offer that I chose to refuse. Can't you just feel the long-term virtual prosperity rolling in?

I've spent $4.99 plus tax in total for about 90 hours of game play. That works out to about 6 cents per hour so far. I don't see myself paying any more than that. The cents per hour should therefore fall from here.

Special thanks to those subsidizing my gaming in this new and improved virtually prosperous world!

And don't even get me started on The Sims FreePlay. Fun game. Haven't spent any real money on it yet. I have earned virtual currency willingly watching daily advertisements for other free to play games, so that's something I guess.

How many developers are making even more free to play games right now? Can't wait to almost pay for them when they come out! Strong job market! Best ever!!


Shookie said...

Don't worry. The app developers are paid from money borrowed at 0%.

I have to say that I recently needed a flashlight app, and considered paying to loose the advertising bar across the bottom, and couldn't. They are all free.

Stagflationary Mark said...


Yeah, I'm not a big fan of in your face advertising. I'd want to remove it too.

Couldn't watch any FEARnet movies due to excessive and distracting popup ads while the movies were playing. Talk about yanking the suspension of disbelief rug out from under us!

Mr Slippery said...

In a world of negative interest rates, 0% more is a win!

Stagflationary Mark said...

Mr Slippery,


The ultimate sovereign guarantee: 0% more or no money back!