Tuesday, March 31, 2015

For the Love of All That's Holy, Please Buy 100 Pounds of Coal on April Fool's Day!

March 31, 2015
Appalachia Miners Wiped Out by Coal Glut They Can't Reverse

Companies will dig up at least 17 million tons more coal than power plants need this year, Morgan Stanley estimates.

We can temporarily solve this problem together if every man, woman, and child in the USA buys one hundred pounds of coal tomorrow! That's what the math says. And then, next year, we can do it again! Woohoo!

And if that doesn't work, perhaps we can convince Yellen to lower interest rates to create some more coal price inflation? Zero percent interest rates? Is she nuts? Seems way too high!

Uh, oh. Just got a call from my attorney. Seems I have exceeded the legal limit for quarterly sarcasm. Damn! Should have waited until tomorrow to post this. Live and learn.

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