Sunday, March 8, 2015

How You Too Can Become Flush with Cash!!

Simply swamp your credit card company with cash advances! If borrowing works for Corporate America then surely it can work for you too!

March 3, 2015
Treasuries Drop as Corporate-Bond Issuance Swamps Debt Markets

“Treasuries will be sold to make room for new issuance,” said Michael Lorizio, senior trader at Manulife Asset Management in Boston. “It provides a Treasury alternative if it’s very highly rated.”

Very highly rated by the same very highly rated ratings agencies that brought us the very highly rated mortgage backed securities and very highly rated structured investment vehicles no doubt! I mean, that pretty much goes without saying.

What's the worst that could possibly happen again? So what if Treasuries are backed by a printing press and corporate bonds are not? If you can't trust a senior trader at Manulife then who can you trust? Risk off, baby. We've finally reached a new permanent plateau of prosperity! Woohoo!

This is not investment advice.

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