Thursday, October 1, 2015

Goldman Sachs Just Convinced Me to Wager My Entire Retirement Nest Egg

October 1, 2015
How to make 7 times your money in Apple: Goldman

With a headline like that, how can I lose?

Because Apple shares have to rise above $115 by more than the $5.70 being laid out, this represents a bet that the stock will rise above $120.70 in four months, or more than 9 percent above Wednesday's closing price.

For Goldman, this appears a distinct possibility.

Baby needs new shoes! 7 times my money or bust! Bet it all on the distinct possibility!!

This is almost as good a bet as that time I was at the horse races. The horse's name was Goldman's Sax. Its odds were also 7 to 1. Music to my ears! I didn't win that time but this has got to be fate!! Things happen for a reason!!

So what if Apple is down today! That will just make the eventual victory that much sweeter!

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