Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Sarcasm Report v.249

October 21, 2015
Money and millennials group behind I-122

SEATTLE -- With exactly two weeks until ballots are due, millennials are targeting millennials in an effort to get out the vote in favor of I-122, nicknamed the "honest elections" initiative.

Honest elections initiative? Awesome! What could possibly go wrong with a nickname like that?

...create a new system in which registered voters can receive up to $100 of so-called "democracy vouchers" to support the candidate of their choice.

Paid for with even higher property taxes! Woohoo! Seriously.

Psst. Hey, buddy. Give you twenty bucks for your "honest elections" hundred dollar voucher. And that goes for any other hundred dollar vouchers you manage to find too. Honest.

Oh, Mark. That's just you being cynical. Get with the program and embrace the honesty inherent in the "honest elections" system!

Can we expect double the political robocalls if the initiative passes? First, they will want to remind us  to spend the vouchers on their campaign. Once that is done, we will be reminded again to vote. That sounds f%^king fantastic!

I'm really going to regret not living inside the Seattle city limits if this one passes! If there is one thing I love most, it is being continually hounded by politicians and their rabid followers looking for money and votes! And politicians looking for "free money" democracy vouchers will no doubt bring out the very best in people! I have no doubt about that!!

This concludes today's sarcasm report. It's extra heavy on the sarcasm with hints of unintended corruption consequences. Yum!

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fried said...

The best thing about killing your landline is no robocalls. Haven't had one in years. I avoid sending emails to my pols, so I don't get jammed with email spam.
Do I regret this? No.
I do not ever want to hear the sound of Chuck Schumer's voice...nor do I want to entertain his thoughts.
The pols usually show up on election day at the subway entrances to shake your hand, and that is as much as I can stand.