Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Crock of @#$% Report v.032

October 17, 2015
Frank Zorrilla, The Truth.

Chasing what was just hot and ditching what has been cold will burn you 9.9 out 10 times.

If that truly burns investors 99% of the time as is claimed, then we have just found a simple way to easily make massive sums of money in the stock market! We shall always short what was just hot and always embrace that which has been cold! Woohoo!

Apple stock sure started running hot about 5 years ago. Meanwhile, Radio Shack really, really started running cold. How much money would we have made selling Apple and buying Radio Shack? What? Not that much? Interesting. But is there a turnaround plan? Is there a quick comeback in the works?

October 16, 2015
Radio Shack makes quick comeback from bizarre accident

Yes! I knew it! As investors, this "accident" hasn't burned us yet!

“We are open for business. Come and see our new look,” he joked.

Joked? What?

Despite taking two-and-a-half tons of SUV through its front window Wednesday afternoon, Radio Shack was open for business as usual Thursday morning.

Ah, due to unexpectedly heavy traffic, Radio Shack was forced to do some much needed renovations, lol. Sigh.

In all seriousness, anyone who claims they have found a way investors are burned 99% of the time is also claiming they have found a way to make money 99% of the time. Good luck on that. You're going to need it.

If it was so easy making money in Wall Street's casino following simple little rules like this, then the major investment banks wouldn't feel the need to use advanced trading algorithms to compete with you. They'd simply ditch what has been hot and embrace what has been cold. 99% success. Easy peasy.

There are no simple ways to avoid pain when gambling. Anyone who says otherwise is more than likely trying to sell you something. That's the absolute truth as I see it.

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