Friday, December 19, 2014

The Fed Is Apparently Trapped Inside a Japanese Pachinko Machine!

The following 30-year treasury chart shows the machine in action.

Click to enlarge.

Look at all those little balls falling down through the channel!

December 18, 2014
Oil’s Drop Hits Big Investors Hard

Those caught flat-footed by the price pullback include Prosperity Capital Management’s Mattias Westman, a longtime investor in Russia whose firm lost more than $1 billion this year, in part on stakes in Russian energy companies OAO Gazprom , OAO Bashneft and Lukoil Holdings .

Nothing says enduring prosperity like a chance at the Big Money Multiplier!

October 2, 2013
The Onion: U.S. Treasury Announces Bonus Financial Quarter Worth Double The Cash

“And you know what that sound means,” Lew said after a loud klaxon suddenly blared in the Treasury press room. “We’re raising the stakes even higher, allowing you to wager your entire 401(k) balance for a chance at the Big Money Multiplier, which could potentially boost your net worth threefold, fivefold, or even tenfold through an investment in an undiversified portfolio of high-yield, high-volatility equities and speculative-grade corporate bonds.”

Jackpot! Woohoo!

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