Friday, June 12, 2015

Human's Best Friend

June 12, 2015
Your enemy's enemy is your dog, scientists find

Japanese researchers have discovered dogs do not like those who are mean to their owners.

Yay! More research confirming what dog owners already know!

The year was 1998. My soon to be ex-wife dropped by the house to pick up some of her stuff. She approached my dog with intent to pet, like she had done very successfully many hundreds of times before. My dog would have nothing of it. She bared teeth and took several steps backward, much to the surprise of both of us.

This put my soon to be ex-wife in "holy crap, what did I do to deserve that" mode, and myself in "holy crap, dogs can be even more loyal than I thought they could be" mode.

My ex-wife was always sweet to that dog, and until that moment, the dog had always been sweet to her. Never saw it coming.

From the comments of the article:

Great line from Gore Vidal: "he had every trait of a dog, except loyalty."

There's a reason that some people can find humor in the following bumper sticker.


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