Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Mind Blowing Epiphany of the Day

May 22, 2015
Migraine, Chronic Back Pain Tied to Suicide Risk

"There might be something about someone with significant pain that puts them at increased risk.

Might be? Something? Someone? What will those crazy researchers think up next!

I bring this up because Time Magazine is demonizing powerful painkillers on its cover this week. There's a picture of pain pill on a fish hook, as if chronic pain sufferers are like fish waiting to be caught. Shameful.

Based on the heavily sensationalized cover, I'm guessing the author has never experienced chronic pain.

My girlfriend does. She gets 24 "powerful painkillers" a month to help her deal with her chronic dystonia pain. Picture a serious muscle cramp in her neck that never goes away. The funny thing is that there are actually more than 24 days in a month, the relief only lasts 4-6 hours, and in order to be effective the painkillers need to be taken 2 at a time. Do the math.

Here's something even funnier. I bought her two large bottles of Vodka last year. We still have more than a bottle and a half. I'm not a drinker and she doesn't want to get hooked, not that we'll ever see a story about that. There isn't nearly enough drama to sell magazines.

Do people abuse drugs? Of course they do. There will always be people who will become addicted to addicting things. Take debt for instance. We sure love a good debt addiction! Can't ever seem to get enough! And the funniest thing is, excessive debt doesn't offer any pain relief at all. It's just pure pain, the kind of pain that real painkillers can barely dent.

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