Monday, June 29, 2015

Pop Quiz: Fact vs. Opinion

June 29, 2015
CNBC: What's driving Detroit's manufacturing turnaround?

Detroit emerged from bankruptcy last year, and a resurgence in manufacturing—while never to reach heyday heights—is seen as a major pathway to continued recovery.

Fact or Opinion?

1. Emerged from bankruptcy last year.
2. Is seen as a major pathway to continued recovery.

#1 is a fact. It sees what happened in the past.

#2 is an opinion. Although the word "seen" might seem to be looking into the past as well, the overall statement is actually speculating about the future. Tricky thing our language can be.

"Seen" is such a great economic word. Love it. You can never go wrong when using it. In fact, in times of economic crisis, the word "seen" can become a CEO's best friend.

Nobody could have seen it coming! I've done everything I could do. You should have seen all of the employees that I laid off. You should have seen my blood pressure when our stock tanked. You should have seen all the work I did begging for government bailouts. Now where is my annual bonus? I see myself on a larger yacht. I see myself deserving it. It's been a very tough year!

The "Is Seen" Court of Law

You are a psychic. Is that correct?

Yes, sir. That is a fact.

On the night of this coming July 4th, please describe what you saw.

There is seen to be some fireworks and a murder.

Tell us about these fireworks. On the 4th you say? How sure are you?

100%. The finale is seen to be quite spectacular.

You've predicted fireworks in previous years. What is your success rate?

100%. I've been psychic all my life.

And do you see the murderer in this court room?

Yes. He is seen sitting next to his future victim, right there, in the plaid shirt. He is seen as plain as day.

Have you ever had any dealings with the murderer?

Yes. He is seen to owe me $100 for a psychic reading I did for him several weeks ago. I told him, and I quote, "Great pain is seen to come your way if you don't pay up." He did not believe me at the time, and yet here he is accused of murder.

Thank you for your expert eyewitness testimony. Members of the jury, you must convict based on what is seen. Don't let this brutal crime go unpunished.

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Stagflationary Mark said...

How many more decades will it take before we start talking about economic expansions instead of economic recoveries?

The real "new normal" seems to be that we're always stuck in the intensive care unit staring at our vital signs.

If you are a pro football player still in the intensive care unit nearly a decade after an auto accident and the doctors say they are pleased with your recovery, then try to take it with a grain of salt. They mean well but let's face it, your career is over. Sigh.