Monday, November 23, 2009

Honey's Popularity Rises!

Illusion of Prosperity?

Note the picture of the dog laying on the couch with the words "Illusion of Prosperity" under it. That's my dog. :)


EconomicDisconnect said...

So BUSTED!!!!!

Leo Kolivakis said...
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Leo Kolivakis said...

Give me a break!!! I am so sorry I did not check who "owned" this picture!!!

What a useless tirade this if I care about this dog or your couch(I just took the first image that came in Google images).


Leo Kolivakis

Pension Pulse blog

Stagflationary Mark said...

Leo Kolivakis,

"What a useless tirade this was..."

It pales in comparison to the sincerity of your apology.

"I just took the first image that came in Google images."

Indeed you did. You took it. You posted it. You claimed it as your own.

This isn't about a photo. It's about ethics. If your ethics are as gray concerning financial matters as they are about intellectual property rights and copyright laws, then heaven help you and those around you.

Stevie b. said...

Mark - although I am a voluntary mediator, my problem is that in real life I can't help saying what I think when sometimes I shouldn't. If I'm wrong, and I often am, that's one of the ways I learn. But just sometimes and much to my surprise I end up sort-of right - perhaps unfortunately, i just never know the outcome when I start, otherwise I'd know when to keep my mouth shut, win friends and influence people....

So, I am not defending Leo, but....i've read his stuff on Naked Capitalism and at heart he doesn't seem a bad bloke. I think he's had some challenges in his life and sometimes doesn't take criticism as well or calmly as he might but hey!, we're not so faultless ourselves. At least he's responded, which is surely some sort of step in the right direction.

Perhaps (and no mediator I know would actually say this) if you both tried to look at this issue dispassionately, you could both quickly bring it to an amicable conclusion. As you might say, just a suggestion...

Leo Kolivakis said...

I added your blog to my blog roll. Good stuff and again, I did not know you existed before. I got the title from that Yahoo tech ticker interview.



Stagflationary Mark said...

Stevie b.,

We never know the full consequences of our actions. Before you beat yourself up too much for stating the truth, please consider this. I appreciated your comments. Perhaps Leo should too. There are far worse ways to learn a lesson about taking content without permission. There are 29.2 million hits for "copyright lawyers" in Google.


Not to be a thorn in your foot at this point, but my picture in Google did lead directly to my blog had you bothered to look. That said, I am willing to both forgive and forget. I have deleted the bulk of this post.

Leo Kolivakis said...

Thanks Mark, I appreciate it. I will be more careful the next time I grab a pic og Google images.



Stagflationary Mark said...


Good deal. No hard feelings then. :)

EconomicDisconnect said...

I am glad this was settled peacefully! I use google photos too in posts, and now I will spend a few extra moments making sure I do not miss use a pic. That's why my standby is Wikipedia!