Wednesday, June 30, 2021

VPU Performance v.006

Months Elapsed: 6
Total Growth: 4.67%
Annualized Growth Rate: 9.56%
Distribution Yield (TTM): 3.02%

Received a distribution of $1.0140 per share this month which was reinvested at $139.29.

On the one hand, it was a bit disappointing. The distribution was down from $1.2578 in June of 2020.

On the other hand, VPU distributions were extremely volatile in 2020. Last year's abnormally high distribution (as seen here) made for a very difficult comparison this year. In theory, this September's upcoming distribution should have a much easier year over year comparison.

In any event, overall performance is more than safisfactory so far. As a long-term Treasury bond substitute, I have no complaints. At least not yet.

Firmly HODLING with cast-iron hands. They are strong hands, but they're also brittle and prone to rusting. ;)

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Swamp Cooler for Sale

This is the current weather forecast for where I live in Western Washington. I've lived in this home for more than 24 years and have never seen a more dire weather report. July and August are our hottest months, averaging roughly 78 degrees for a high. This is June and a whopping 111 is possible, if not likely.

This is our new homemade swamp cooler. It was built using a styrofoam cooler, 2 leaf blower elbow attachments, and a personal fan. Holds 16+ pounds of ice. Won't cool a room but does offer some relief if sitting in front of it. Designed for two. Each nozzle can be rotated independently.

Current estimated retail value in a world where bitcoin trades at $30k+ (and air conditioning units are in short supply) is conservatively estimated to be $15k+. That's just half a bitcoin for this truly unique and rare limited edition item. Not saying that you should embrace FOMO (fear of missing out) here, but the manufacturer will not be making many more. And don't forget to YOLO (you only live once). Item will be available on or after Tuesday. Free shipping! Personalized handwritten thank you note from the designer included with every purchase! ;)

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Bitcoinfinger Movie Idea

James Bond: Yes, well, I've worked out a few statistics of my own. Fifteen billion dollars in gold bullion bitcoin weighs ten thousand, five hundred zero tons. Sixty Zero men would take twelve zero days to load it onto two hundred zero trucks. Now, at the most, you're going to have two hours before the army, navy, air force, marines move in and make you put it back.

Bitcoinfinger: Who mentioned anything about removing it?


James Bond: I apologize, Goldfinger Bitcoinfinger. It's an inspired deal. They get what they want -- economic chaos in the West -- and the value of your gold bitcoin increases many times.

Bitcoinfinger: I conservatively estimate ten 100 billion times.