Monday, December 27, 2021

Trading Update VIII

Sold half my shares of VPU @ 152.82 to buy XBI @ 115.30. Biotech has had a bad year so decided to bottom fish.

Friday, December 10, 2021

Trading Update VII

Sold all VDC @ 192.09 to repurchase equal weightings of KMI @ 16.06 and OKE @ 61.66.

In hindsight, selling pipelines in October to buy consumer staples was very kind to me. VDC gained a clearly unsustainable and somewhat surprising 5.3%. Counting missed high-yielding dividends, KMI lost 8.3% and OKE gained 1.1% since I sold.

Natural gas prices have fallen. That news should be priced in. I'm therefore comfortable reversing the trade and now own more shares of KMI and OKE than I otherwise would have.

Perhaps I should be more concerned about the virus and future mutations. However, even as a homebody introvert, I'm feeling the cabin fever. Can't stay isolated forever.