Sunday, June 11, 2017

Twitter Has Changed Me v.2

Twitter has changed me again. This time I am an automated person apparently. My account has been locked. Not only can I not tweet, but I now can't even read the tweets of others.

Wanted me to enter phone number to verify. I enter it. Says it will text me verification code. No text ever comes. I am now in the customer service email loop. Oh, joy. Could take days to clear this up.

No idea why Twitter has been a poor investment since its IPO, but how could I? I'm just a bot. In my defense, I think I'm a good bot. Most days I even feel human as I tweet pictures and videos of my new digital German Shepherd puppy, use my advanced artificial intelligence routines to play hashtag games, and attempt to pass off as human by using Twitter to donate to a German Shepherd in Europe that needs surgery.

Thanks Twitter. I'm certainly not the first to feel dehumanized. There's plenty of that to go around these days.