Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Trading Update VI

Sold all KMI @ 17.80 and all OKE @ 61.94 to buy VDC @ 182.41.

Sold rapidly appreciating high dividend pipelines and replaced with slowly appreciating low dividend consumer staples. In a world where bull markets make geniuses out of everyone, might not exactly look like a genius move.

Clearly not looking to swing for the fences. Locking in a 13.9% gain might not seem like much, but that's almost the same gain that a 10-year Treasury bought today and held to maturity would net. And it only took a month. I don't want to be exposed to too much risk if the music stops playing, again. What can go up quickly, can also come down quickly.

That said, there should be a lot of upside for pipelines from here. I'm likely leaving a lot on the table (wouldn't be the first time). If I had a job to fall back on or I was more interested in growing wealth than preserving capital, I might have let it ride much longer.