Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sharing Is Caring (Musical Tribute)

MaxedOutMama: Because Sharing Is Caring

Can you spot the egregious fiscal errors in his example of what the family ought to do?

There's so much debt, since we bought our tent
That we camp every night
We try to do it up right, but we just can't afford light
We're not very bright

We got no cash and we beg for our food
It's for our childrens' sake
They bathe in the lake, there's so much at stake
Our debt still keeps us awake

We camp in the heart of tent city
Our house is empty and dark
It was foreclosed and it's not pretty
Our payments were just too far apart

Some of the bankers were friendly
Some visit us even when they're not
There's nothing left that can be stolen
And we enjoy doing without

Heating our tent without an energy source
Is just part of the fun
We're under the sun, then cold has begun
I sure wish we weren't shunned

The credit card bill is still making us ill
But we almost drowned
Rates were floating around, our massive debt was unwound
As the whole thing crashed down

He's trying to get back to college
But loans are a bit of a drag
We thought they had a place and a purpose
But bank lending has run into a snag

We once owned cars and a pickup
It made finding jobs easy to seek
Walking is now our new habit
The world must be ours since we're so meek

So Disneyland's out, our future's soldout
Our debt was our blight
The sight is a fright, and so is hindsight
Our day's turned to night

It's this fiscal mess that's put terrible stress
On our nation's labor force
There's been shutting of doors, no job offers of course
And debt is the source

And it's par for the coarse to see that camping's endorsed
As our jobs are outsourced


MaxedOutMama said...


Stagflationary Mark said...


I'm glad you enjoyed it. I stumbled upon that song looking for a suitable "camping" song. I'd never heard it before. They did such a great job with it that I was afraid to even alter the words!

Maestro said...

It is not Over till April 18.

☮ La Nouvelle Économie. (in English)

☮ La Nouvelle Économie. (en Français).

I am not a man, I am Cantona.

Stagflationary Mark said...

I can't endorse a bank run but will respect your right to free speech.