Monday, December 12, 2011

Siegel's Island (Musical Tribute)

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Source Data:
St. Louis Fed: 30-Year TIPS, Constant Maturity


Troy said...

people still don't understand how everything got absolutely uxxored 1995-2005.

We're talking trillion dollar imbalances that are going to have to be unwound to get back to a sustainable middle class economy.

And at this point I think we're going the other way with that.

November 2010 was an immense slip in the system.

Not many more and stuff's coming down.

I think I did a good job removing the swear words here but that's not entirely how I want to phrase that.

Stagflationary Mark said...


Today's Market Commentary:

Foul Mouthed Holly

fried said...

Siegel didn't mention the dangers of re-hypothecation, and I blame him for not alerting me earlier. Who knew that if I made a trade in my Vanguard account, that they could charge me for the trade then take my account money and lend it out at 140% of it's value? And, worse, a prime broker could send it to their UK office, where there are no limits.
I demand to know why Siegel doesn't include this little tidbit in his equity analysis. I'm sure the clients of MFGlobal wished he had.

Stagflationary Mark said...


They can re-hypothecate my I-Bonds (bought directly from the government) and my TIPS (bought directly from the government) over my dead body, presumably by breaking my cold dead fingers with some sort of re-hypothecation device.

In all seriousness, I make every effort to cut financial middlemen out of my investment portfolio. I can't do that with my IRA (although it does sit in one long-term TIPS bond). My non-IRA brokerage account has a single penny in it (stored within an FDIC bank). No joke! It's been sitting there about a year. I hope it's safe, lol.

fried said...

Spoke to the Vanguard rep yesterday, and she informed me blandly, that yes, they do rehypothecate, it's right there in the 55!! page client agreement...a copy of which she emailed me.
I swear, I would have remembered getting a 55 page client statement.
And to think that Sunday, the word rehypothecate had never entered my head.

Stagflationary Mark said...


The first 54 pages probably ac-cent-tchu-ated the positive though (for mister in-between).