Friday, August 31, 2012

The "Free Lunch" Weight Loss Plan v.015

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I was extremely active this month. The weather's been great. I climbed to Poo Poo Point 4 times in just 6 days (1650' elevation gain each time). That's in addition to this plan's 20 extra flights of stairs each day. I took our dog on one of the trips. I would have taken her more but her feet needed time to recover.

I climbed to Poo Poo Point in just 56 minutes and 30 seconds the last time I tried. I *really* pushed myself. That was nearly 12 minutes off my fastest time (just 6 days previously). I was rewarded with one of these, big time.

I've also been climbing more than the minimum 20 flights of stairs on most days. I've been tending to do five at a time during TV commercial breaks. The doesn't mean I'm going to change the plan though. There are days when I only do 20 and I like having the bar set so low. There's no pressure to do more.

One would think that I would have lost more weight this month being so active. I think the extra exercise went straight to my appetite. I ate big meals after climbing to Poo Poo Point. Out of curiosity, I looked back to August of last year to see what I wrote.

August 31, 2011
The "Free Lunch" Weight Loss Plan v.003

Since I believe this has become a habit, I felt comfortable doing a couple of marathon runs this month (without the risk of burning out on the stair stepper). Last night I watched the movie Wasabi (subtitled) while stair climbing. That was good for over 200 flights (in addition to the 20 flights I did earlier in the day). It was a fairly leisurely pace. It made me hungry. I ate a large meal afterwards so I'm not sure I lost even an ounce overall, lol. That said, I was doing it as an alternative to just sitting on the couch while I watched the movie.

Fall appears to be the time of maximum exercise for me. It makes sense. My allergies tend to get me in the spring. Summer's too hot. Winter's too cold.

Here's the bottom line. This has definitely become a permanent habit. I'm very pleased with the results so far. I expect to eventually get to the blue zone and stay there. It will happen when it happens. Baby steps!

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Troy said...

Tiger Mountain?

Only a pound down here this month (graph) but I'm OK with that since I hit the main goal for the month, which was crossing under 24 BMI, which will be my last BMI crossing for the regimen. Plus I got to feast at a lake trip for 3 days and worked all of that off, too.

I extended the loss regimen out to mid-October and lowered the goal to 176 lbs, which is 80kg. That's the thing about losing, when you're in the groove it's tough to quit.

That's another 5 lbs from here, and I think that will be enough to get into the 501s again. Still need 4" waist reduction for that to happen, and this weight was the first that was packed on in the 1990s so it's the last to come off I guess.

As I've said before, building leg strength is an excellent investment of time and effort. Life is so much more pleasant with functional legs.

Mr Slippery said...

Congrats on the active month. The trend is your friend. I agree with you on the appetite growth, a funny countermeasure your body throws at you.

Stagflationary Mark said...


First off, congrats again!

Tiger Mountain?

Those pictures look just like what I see in the mirror every day! It looks just like me. Uncanny!

That's assuming of course that I *am* the master of disguise, lol. ;)

Stagflationary Mark said...

Mr Slippery,

The trend is your friend.

It definitely feels good to see an exponential trend failure in my weight. The new trend is much preferred! ;)

Brian said...

Hey. Timely.

The Smithsonian just posted "The History of the Lunch Box"

Stagflationary Mark said...


I clicked on your name and stumbled upon the following.

how the middle class got shafted

We can devise all the clever schemes imaginable to clean up politics and get money out of campaigns, but it won’t work until the American people collectively give up on certain fond illusions:

I hear that.

Troy said...

"how the middle class got shafted" is good stuff, yes shows we've got ~$40,000 per capita of wealth-creation to go around.

Unfortunately, little of that is actual hard-wealth creation: shows we've got the same number of hard-wealth jobs as the late 1940s (!). shows our national "free lunch" -- $600B per year leaving our economy.

Free trade is arguably defendable, no point in paying people more than what someone else somewhere else will work for, but free trade with trade deficits is what's killing velocity in this economy.

Gini: is the broadest measure of something going wrong.

I think my thesis of "all taxes comes out of rents" is the solution to our ills. It's the secret sauce that keeps the Nordic states on an even keel.

I was looking at the Japanese budget numbers and they don't look that bad actually. Their $50B defense expense is unchanged since 1995. Their big-ass construction stimulus of the 1990s was the size of ARRA spread over a decade, and they've scaled that back now. Their social welfare spending on old people is of course expanding, but that's just naked redistribution, government robbing A to pay B, the money is staying in the economy.

Couple of rants I'm proud of DeLong, Spike Japan . . .

Stagflationary Mark said...


Free trade is arguably defendable, no point in paying people more than what someone else somewhere else will work for, but free trade with trade deficits is what's killing velocity in this economy.

It would certainly be easier for me to be optimistic if I didn't look at our cumulative trade deficit since 1990. That's just got disaster written all over it.