Tuesday, November 27, 2012

U.S. Oil Consumption

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Didn't I already post this chart this month? It sure rings a bell.

November 7, 2012
Exponential Trend Failure of the Day

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Let me redo it with a starting point of 1992.

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Oh, yeah. That's definitely the chart I was thinking of. Never mind. Sigh.

Source Data:
EIA: Weekly U.S. Product Supplied of Petroleum Products
USDA: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
St. Louis Fed: Population


Luke Smith said...

By my calculations, for the United States: oil consumption was 1% of GDP in 1965, 8% of GDP in 1979, 1% in 1998, and 5% in 2011.

Stagflationary Mark said...

Luke Smith,

Maybe we can think up a new bubble to boost GDP.

Collectible canned goods? Just crazy enough to work! ;)

Gallows sarcasm. Sigh.