Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Advertising Agency Employment Growth: The 4%+ Constant in Life

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As seen in the chart, 4%+ growth is certainly true during expansions (at least so far). During recessions? Not so much.

Have no fear though! I have it on good authority that the Fed has permanently put a stop to the business cycle! This time, it's personal!

And what is the good authority you might ask? Just between you and me, it's a little something I inferred from watching late night television commercials. It is not something that most retail investors may be aware of.

Heat Surge Amish Fireplace Roll N Glow Portable Electric Heater

High tech heat turbine heater made in the Peoples Republic of China for Heat Surge USA

Those amazing Amish! What will they think up next? Nothing can stop our economy now! Woohoo!

Did I mention that it is UL listed? That's right. It uses electricity right out of the wall to generate heat for our homes! Miraculous! How much energy? It uses no more energy than one of the most energy intensive electrical appliances in our homes: the coffee maker. Genius!

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